How do I take my Flowers

So many couples are getting married abroad now and they like to take their flowers with them as they have pre chosen what they would like for their special day.

Well at Claire de fleurs we can create your amazing wedding flowers for you to take away with you to your special destination.

How do I travel with my flowers

As the artificial silk flowers are light and robust, they are easy to take away with your wedding party. Some airlines have special priority for wedding parties.

As the flowers are so light, they will not be much of an impact on you luggage allowance or you could as other members of your crowd to carry their bouquets.

Use your flowers for another party

You can also use the same flowers from your wedding away to celebrate back at home when you have a party with the loved ones that could not go to the special day away.

If we at Claire de fleurs can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us via email at with your requirements.