The first step is to buy the good ones

at Claire De Fleurs we sell luxury faux flowers which are handmade arrangements and bouquets made with love and care. You also have to think about what you want the flowers to add to your space before you head to the checkout and if there is something that you would like but can’t see it in our online store please contact us with your ideas and we will do our up most to guide and create the flowers you have been dreaming of.

Faux flowers may seem more expensive at first, but they're better in the long run. They don't even look fake at all. At Claire De fleurs we create arrangements that are so realistic you can not tell the difference – the difference is that you can keep your faux flowers forever more.


Why are fake flowers so expensive?

‍But beautiful faux flowers that look real usually cost more than their fresh counterparts. That's because artificial flowers that look like the real thing are made of silk, or other high-quality materials that give them a life-like appearance, which can be more expensive than fresh flowers.


red rose and gyp bouquet

In home décor you want flowers to look and feel real. You can use faux flowers, yes, but always buy premium. Invest a little extra to get them handcrafted, with a little extra detail, and done right.


So for any advise on what type of flower you want for your occasion please send me an email and we will do our best to help choose the most beautiful flowers to make your day.