What To Decorate Your Cake With 

Artificial flowers on cakes are popular now as they are cheaper than sugar flowers and they last forever as a great keep sake of your special occasion.

To the touch they are soft like real flowers and are less sensitive to weather, the other advantage of artificial flowers is that there is no risk of wilting less sensitive to weather no risk of toxicity or allergies

They are the most economical option you can now get a huge variety and they look so real.

With artificial flowers you can get organised and buy your flowers well in advance and you can get many large and exotic flowers that may not be available in your area or at the time of year that you need them.

Have a look at our cake flowers and if there is something you can not find we can always make up a custom order for you


Arranging Your Artificial Silk flowers On The Cake

You can place the flowers on the cake’s surface without attaching them. In this method, with the cake toppers we send out they are all finished with floristry tape so they are easily wipeable when you have finished with your flowers or you can embedd part of the flower inside the cake

  This is necessary if your flower requires some form of stability or to arrange your flowers in a design that required the flowers to come out of the cake we already cover the ends of the arrangements in floral tape but you can also cover with plastic wrap which you can wipe off any access cake afterwards.

And you can keep them for many years after as a memory of your special day.