Planning a destination wedding comes with its unique set of challenges, but ensuring that your floral arrangements are perfect shouldn't be one of them. At Claire de Fleurs, we specialize in creating stunning, high-quality faux flower arrangements that are not only beautiful but also travel-friendly. Our bespoke designs bring elegance and charm to your special day, no matter where you are in the world.

Why Choose Faux Flowers for Your Destination Wedding?

When you're planning a wedding far from home, logistics can be a concern. Fresh flowers are delicate and can wilt easily, especially during long journeys. This is where faux flowers from Claire de Fleurs shine. Our handcrafted arrangements are made from the finest silk and dried flowers, ensuring they stay pristine throughout your travels and the event itself.

Customer Experience: Misha's Story

We love hearing from our customers about how our flowers added a special touch to their big day. Misha, one of our lovely brides, shared her experience with us:

"Lovely flowers and very impressed with the quality. Can’t wait to use them for my wedding. Update: These were packed in a suitcase for a good 9 and half hours for my destination wedding and they held up amazingly. People couldn’t tell they were faux flowers from pictures and I had plenty of compliments on them. I would highly recommend this shop!"

Misha’s story is a testament to the durability and beauty of our faux flowers. Despite being packed in a suitcase for over nine hours, her bouquets arrived in perfect condition, ready to shine on her wedding day.

The Benefits of Claire de Fleurs’ Destination Wedding Flowers

1. Durability and Quality: Our flowers are designed to withstand travel, ensuring they look as fresh and beautiful as the day they were made, even after long flights and handling.

2. Realistic Appearance: Our silk and dried flowers are meticulously crafted to look just like real flowers. Misha’s guests couldn’t tell the difference from the pictures, and many were surprised to learn they were faux.

3. Stress-Free Logistics: With faux flowers, you don’t have to worry about keeping them hydrated or cool. They are easy to pack and handle, making them the perfect choice for destination weddings.

4. Long-Lasting Keepsake: Unlike fresh flowers that wilt and fade, our faux flowers remain a lasting memento of your special day. Display them in your home as a beautiful reminder of your wedding.

Customising Your Destination Wedding Flowers

At Claire de Fleurs, we understand that every wedding is unique. We offer personalised consultations to help you choose the perfect floral arrangements for your theme and location. Whether you prefer classic roses, rustic wildflowers, or exotic blooms, we can create the perfect bouquet, centerpieces, and decor to match your vision.

Ready to Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding?

Let Claire de Fleurs help you bring your wedding dreams to life, no matter where you are. Our elegant faux flowers are designed to travel with you, ensuring that your special day is as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.

Visit us at to explore our collection and start planning your perfect destination wedding flowers.

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We look forward to making your destination wedding unforgettable with our exquisite floral designs!