Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and of course, cake!

Whether you prefer a traditional fruit cake, a rich chocolate cake, or a vegan alternative, you can make your cake look festive and beautiful with some faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs.

Claire De Fleurs is a local cornish business that specialises in artificial flower arrangements for all occasions, such as wedding bouquets,table fllowers, cake toppers, wreaths and funeral flowers. We use high-quality materials and craft each peice with passion, to create realistic and stunning floral designs. You can find our products online at



  1. white rose and red thistle

The first step is to choose your faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs, depending on the size, shape, and colour of your cake. You can browse our website or our Instagram to see our amazing collection of artificial flowers, or contact us directly to request a custom order. Some popular choices for Christmas cake flowers from Claire De Fleurs are:

  • Artificial roses, which come in various colours and sizes, and can add elegance and romance to your cake. You can use a single rose as a focal point, or create a bouquet of roses for a more dramatic effect. We offer a range of artificial roses, from classic red to pastel pink, and from large to mini, to suit your preference and style.
  • Artificial poinsettias, which are the quintessential Christmas flower, with their bright red petals and green leaves. They can add a pop of colour and contrast to your cake, and symbolise joy and celebration. We have a selection of artificial poinsettias, from traditional to glittery, and from single to double, to match your theme and mood.
  • Artificial holly, which has dark green leaves and red berries, and can create a festive and traditional look for your cake. You can use holly as a border, a filler, or a accent for your cake. Claire De Fleurs provides a variety of artificial holly, from realistic to frosted, and from plain to embellished, to enhance your cake and your decor.
  • Artificial mistletoe, which has light green leaves and white berries, and can add a touch of whimsy and romance to your cake. You can use mistletoe as a topper, a garland, or a spray for your cake. Claire De Fleurs makes beautiful artificial mistletoe, from simple to sparkly, and from small to large, to bring some magic and charm to your cake.
  • Artificial berries, which can come in various colours, such as red, white, blue, or purple, and can add texture and interest to your cake. You can use berries as a cluster, a cascade, or a scatter for your cake. Claire De Fleurs creates lovely artificial berries, from natural to metallic, and from round to oval, to give some flavour and fun to your cake.

You can mix and match different faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs, or stick to one type, depending on your preference and style. You can also use other artificial elements from Claire De Fleurs, such as pine cones, leaves, or snowflakes, to complement your faux flowers.

white rose cake flowers

Decorate your cake with faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs

The final step is to decorate your cake with faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs, by placing them on your cake, and adjusting them as needed. You can use your fingers, a spatula, or a pair of tweezers, to gently position your faux flowers on your cake, and put cling film around the stems which are held into place with floral tape also with dried flowers they are flamable and must not come into contact with a naked flame and make sure they are secure and balanced. Here are some tips on how to decorate your cake with faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs:

  • Start from the top of your cake, and work your way down, to avoid knocking off or damaging your faux flowers. You can also start from the centre of your cake, and work your way out, to create a symmetrical and harmonious look for your cake.
  • Leave some space between your faux flowers, to avoid overcrowding or overpowering your cake. You can also leave some gaps or negative space, to create contrast and interest for your cake.
  • Add some finishing touches, such as glitter, sugar pearls, or edible paint, to enhance the beauty and realism of your faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs. You can also add some greenery, such as artificial leaves, ferns, or ivy, from Claire De Fleurs, to fill in the gaps and create a natural and lush look for your cake.

And that’s it! You have decorated your cake with faux flowers from Claire De Fleurs, and made it look festive and beautiful for christmas. You can now enjoy your cake with your family and friends or give it as a gift to someone special. Faux flowersfrom Claire De Fleurs are a great way to decorate your cake as they are easy to use, versatile and durable. They can also be used, recycled or repurposed for other occasions or projects.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and inspiring, and I encourage you to check out Claire De Fleurs to see more of their amazing products and services. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 🎄🎂🎁